Ok I think I have done it.  I have created a pretty neat Pilates experience… but because this is my baby and I can be a little less than objective, I would love you to try it on, take it for a spin, spill some champagne on it, return it used then let me know what you think?

Be is 21 years of late night learning, elbow deep experience, no brakes growth, dignified falls, high five success stories and thank you bouquets all gracefully brought together under a tin roof in Middle Road, Havelock North.

Because we are a lot about you and a little less about us we specialise in tailored Pilates solutions that take you on what I like to coin, a Pilates pathway. Whether you want to strengthen to tackle your chosen pursuit, brace to sustain the rigours of training, rehabilitate to square your shoulders off and get back to it, recuperate to heal or simply maintain the perfect you, we can train, enlighten, guide and support you toward your goal.
We are a traditional Pilates studio format that loves its fans, less the fare.
A little about me … then lots more about you

For the credential lovers out there (and I can be one of them) here’s my stats–

  • Broken ballet dancer
  • 21 years of Pilates practise
  • 18 years Pilates teaching and coaching
  • Polestar Pilates full certification qualified
  • STOTT PILATES full certification qualified
  • STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer
  • TOTAL BARRE Instructor Trainer
  • Be Pilates Studio is the official New Zealand Licensed Training Centre for STOTT PILATES & Total Barre Education.
    .. (& I toodle around New Zealand teaching instructor courses as well)

My favorite band is ‘Fly My Pretties’, I love Whittaker’s original toffee milks and happen to have a dirty Sunday Martini habit.

Most importantly I simply love what I do and who I do it with.

We are, where you want and sometimes just need to